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The name A MasIng is a hybrid of MASako and INGvild, the first names of the dance artists behind the initiative. After many years of cooperation in different constellations; side by side as dancers in performances, as choreographers or mentors for each other and as guest curators in each other’s festivals, the cooperation eventually took shape as a choreographic duo. In A MasIng Productions we experiment with how digital experiences and virtual realities can be transformed into tactile social experiences. We spend time to observe our surroundings and look for answers to what lies behind the influence of our and others’ choices in actual reality.

About our WORKS

– zooming in to see the smaller picture

Genre: Dance / audio visual Installation
Choreography: A MasIng Productions (Masako Matsushita & Ingvild Isaksen)
Dancers: Julie Rasmussen and Hilde I. Sandvold 
Film Maker and Sound collaborator: Morten Arnfred

A MasIng Productions invites the audience to a refreshing perspective on the environment in which we are located in, through their piece LAND SKAP. The duo experiments with how we observe movements and objects and what gets the focus through our and others’ choices. What lives in the landscapes surrounding us and what are beyond its borders?

LAND SKAP vol.1 is especially designed for each place it is performed. The video and images shows LAND SKAP at Garntørka in Son during Sånafest, which was the premiere.  A commissioned work for Sånafest 2017 supported by DE.MO./Movin’UP session II 2016.

Made for your eyes only

Genre: Interactive performance installation
Choreografi: A MasIng Productions og Elisa Vassena
Performers: Julie Rasmussen, Hilde I. Sandvold, Ida Grimsgaard, Elisa Vassena
Scenography: A MasIng Productions og Ida Grimsgaard
Lyddesign: Fabrice Moinet

Premiere at HAUT Eksil Festivalen at Sort/Hvid in CPH 31st of August 2018
First section on film from sharing 24th of August

LAND SKAP Vol.2 is a hybrid of an exhibition, a performance and a film in real time, framing, re-scaling and dubbing our movements and surroundings. Those who take a closer look may see the surroundings and the people there as if it were a real-time movie. Through the protective form of the boxes, intimate moments can be shared between spectator and performer, and stories told for their ears only. In LAND SKAP vol.2 we want to challenge the audience to see their surroundings from a different perspective.

LAND SKAP vol.2 offers both interactivity and contemporary dance on several levels. The audience we apparently perform for is the ones who look into the boxes, but it is also a thrilling performance for those who stand outside the boxes and see what is going to happen. Some spectators gets to zoom in on the details, other spectators can experience the performance from “backstage”. Each audience member can also move between the different perspectives during the performance.

Is smartphone usage truly smart?

Still|Moving is a project investigating on how external factors (such as light and darkness, social interactions, eating and drinking patterns, use of devices) creates a change on our biological clock (in mood, movement pattern, communication, digestion of food and flow of information). This investigation started from a need of bringing awareness to our way of living now-a-days and to discover ways of interacting with this society through choreography and performance. We have had a residency at Pim OFF in Milano, and are now in search of the next place to continue this research.

For any further information and explanation do not hesitate to write us to the following email address amasingproductions@gmail.com

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