2017 started with a cold affair as a cow in Gallery 1857 with the new interdiciplinary piece Fra smør til margarin by Pernille Lindstad, Munch museet i bevegelse, 1857 and Whitelight Theatre F. Followed up by performing for Kosugi Daisuke as part of his presentation in the Norwegian sculpture biennal at Vigeland museum in Oslo. In between People still pops up, so far at Dansens Hus in Oslo and Sort/Hvid in Copenhagen.

In the autumn I was moving and makeing for artist Marie Jensen Hauge in her Nordic Tigers Exhibition at Nørrebrohallen in Copenhagen, then dived into further explorations around Veggimellom at l’escaut in October. Also currently and constantly collaborating with artist Masako Matsushita in the duo A MasIng Productions, foraging for residencies to delve deeper into our ideas.