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Ingvild Isaksen (NO) and Masako Matsushita (IT/JP) met in London while studying at TrinityLaban conservatory of Music and Dance(2012). They have been collaborating since and travelled together around Europe participating in several festivals, gallery exhibitions, site specific performances and theatre shows as both choreographers and performers. During these years they have also functioned as artistic directors and curators for the two festivals Hangartfest and Sånafest in each their home countries. They have been invited to a creative residency at PIM OFF in Milan (IT) with their next production Still|Moving.

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Genre: Dance / audio visual Installation
Choreography: A MasIng Productions (Masako Matsushita & Ingvild Isaksen)
Dancers: Julie Rasmussen and Hilde I. Sandvold 
Film Maker and Sound collaborator: Morten Arnfred

A MasIng Productions invites the audience to a refreshing perspective on the environment in which we are located in, through their piece LAND SKAP. The duo experiments with how we observe movements and objects and what gets the focus through our and others’ choices. What lives in the landscapes surrounding us and what are beyond its borders?

The audience can wander around in a land full of boxes of various sizes activated when someone peers into them. Those who look in will look back on the landscape and the people in it as if it were a real-time movie. Some boxes have secret messages that only the most curious can find. Other boxes offer dance and music. In this landscape you can stay for hours or just make a short visit.

LAND SKAP is especially designed for each place it is performed. The video and images shows LAND SKAP at Garntørka in Son during Sånafest, which was the debut for Masako and Ingvild as A MasIng productions. 

For any further information and explanation do not hesitate to write us to the following email address amasingproductions@gmail.com


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