Veggimellom is a research in how the use of walls can create a particular movement language. The starting point has been to explore positions and movement sequences in contact with or restricted by walls. We then step away from the walls in to the open space but keep the movement material. This creates a mark of something specific having interfered with the dancers bodies, left a print in their movements, sometimes too subtile to notice at first yet a particular presence is there. The audience might not be aware that the walls have been a tool in the process, this is open for discussion. The aim is to create a trace of the walls in the body rather than in the space.

Next up we will explore the soundscape in the same manner, how it can reflect the walls and the room it is made within. I want to explore further in to the collective expression these two unities creates when merged together.

The research has been strongly influenced by dancers Irene Vesterhus Theisen, Marie Bergby Handeland, Masako Matsushita and Ingrid Haakstad.